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New Zealand

New Zealand

I am a repeat client of Success Global. I applied for a Variation of Conditions attached to my Work Visa which was granted in one and a half week. I will be applying again for a Work to Residence Visa through Success Global as I am very satisfied with their service.
— Wang Hu, Work Visa Holder, Granted on 16 Feb 2015

I am very happy to know that my work visa along with my family has been approved. Thank you
— Jinhua Cia, Work Visa (NZ), Granted on 16 Feb 2015

Thank you for your help with the visa. Now I can stay with my family in New Zealand
— Chaoming Li, Student Visa (NZ), Granted on 16 Feb 2015

Thank you Success Global. My complicated case was positively concluded as I had some medical condition. I appreciate Success Global’s experienced team for their support and help. Thank you.
— Rongxie Li, Work Visa (NZ), Granted on 13 Feb 2015

Nihao, thank you so much Success Global for helping me to find a job and then assisting to get a work visa. I am impressed with your professionalism and honesty. My family and I are very thankful to you.
— Lichu Chen, Work Visa Holder (NZ), Granted 12 Feb 2015

I am very happy to have received a visitor visa for three years so that I can visit my children in New Zealand whenever I want. Very pleased with the professional service at Success Global.
— Xueqiong Qian, Parent Category Visitor Visa Holder (NZ), Granted 11 Feb 2015

We wanted to spend our new year holidays in New Zealand therefore applied for a visitor’s visa on 14 Jan 15 through Success Global. We were granted a visa on 26 Jan 15. This was all made possible due to the top class service of Success Global. They deserve 10 out of 10.
— Shengxi Tan, Visitor Visa Holder (NZ), Granted on 26 Jan 15

I applied for a Resident Visa through Success Global. I had a very complicated case as I developed Hepatitis C during the process of my application. My application was declined due to health problems. Luckily, Success Global professionally handled my case and appealed to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. On 20 October 2014, IPT gave decision in my favour. The positive outcome was all made possible by the persistent attitude of my immigration adviser and finally I was granted resident visa.
— Yupen Yan, Resident Visa Holder, Granted 20 Jan 2015
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Thank you Success Global. I applied for a work visa under China Special Category. Success Global helped me to find a job and then get a three year work visa. Very happy and strongly recommend their services to everyone.
— Weiguan Wang, Work Visa China Special Category, Granted 05 Jan 2015

I applied for a partner based work visa through Success Global and received visa within 4 working days. I will be certainly applying for a residence visa through these guys.
— Pei Yin Tam, Work Visa (NZ), Granted on 24 Nov 2014

Amazing service, my work visa was granted in just over one week. I will be definitely availing their services in the future.
— Xiaoran Ma, Work Visa (NZ), Granted on 30 Sep 2014
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Great and an honest service. Highly recommended to everyone considering to come to Australia for study
— Toufiq Ali, Study Visa (Australia), Granted on 19 Feb 2013

I am very pleased to recommend Success Global to anyone planning to apply for a study or resident visa to Australia.
— Muhammad Tariq Khan, Study Visa (Australia), Granted on 13 Dec 2012

I strongly recommend Success Global to anyone needing immigration advice. They helped me to get admission at UOW and then study visa. They also helped my mother and brother to get a visitor visa for Australia. Top class service indeed.
— Muhammad Farrukh Shaheed, Study Visa (Australia), Granted on 7 Dec 2012



Thanks for all your help with my admission at the University of Regina and my visa process. Absolutely 5 Start service.
— Syed Tariq Asghar, Study Visa (Canada), Granted 8 Apr 2013

Success Global helped me to get an admission at the McGill University and then processed my study visa application. Highly recommended to anyone seeking admission in Canada.
— Faizan Javed, Study Visa (Canada), Granted on 22 Jan 2013

I am currently studying at Memorial University and the reason I am here is due to the sincere and honest efforts of Success Global. Thank you so much.
— Muhammad Shoaib, Study Visa (Canada), Granted on 22 Jan 2013

I am very grateful to Success Global for helping me to get admission at University of Regina and then assisting me with study visa. Very professional and honest.
— Talha Ahmed Khan, Study Visa (Canada, Granted on 18 Dec 2012

I am very pleased with Success Global service. Our entire family is their client and will remain to avail their services in future.
— Iqbal Begum, Visitor Visa (Canada), Granted on 27 Oct 2012

I am repeat client of Success Global and our entire family is their client. I have recently applied for a resident visa for New Zealand through Success Global. This shows my level of satisfaction and confidence with their service
— Muhammad Khalid Bhatti, Study Visa (Canada), Granted on 24 Jul 2012

Highly recommended to anyone considering to study and immigrate to Canada.
— Mehwish Shargeel, Study Visa (Canada), Granted on 24 Jul 2012

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

I am very happy with the professional service extended to me by the Success Global staff in Peshawar especially Zahoor Afridi. He worked late hours on my application to ensure I get the visa on time. Very happy and satisfied.
— Muhammad Taj, Visitor Visa (UK), Granted on 14 Jan 2015

I received a great help from Success Global to secure an admission at Staffordshire University and then in getting a study visa. I truly appreciate your honest guidance and genuine support.
— Irshad Ali, Visa Tier 4 (UK), Granted on 21 Dec 2012

Top class service and excellent support even after arriving in the UK.
— Addarsh Rasool, Visa Tier 4 (UK), Granted on 26 Sep 2012

I was helped to get one year exemption in the Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering at the Glyndwr University and then received a visa in record time. Highly recommended.
— Bilawal Khan, Visa Tier 4 (UK), Granted on 26 Sep 2012

It is true that you get what you pay for. Services at Success Global do not come cheap but you can be assured that they will entertain your case only if you stand a very good chance of approval. If you are looking for premium immigration and visa services then you must consider Success Global.
— Muhammad Salman Qadir, Visa Tier 4 (UK), Granted on 25 Sep 2012

What I most liked about Success Global is their post-visa services. They will look after you once your arrive in your destination country. This has been a great plus for me. Great work and keep it up.
— Syed Ahmer Raza, Visa Tier 4 (UK), Granted on 24 Sep 2012

United States

United States

I am a repeat client of Success Global. They have previously helped me to get a visitor’s visa for UK. I was ecstatic to find out that I was granted five year multiple entry B1 visa. This is absolutely 5 star and I would happily recommend Success Global to anyone who needs an immigration advice.
— Muhammad Taj, Visitor B1 Visa (USA), Granted on 11 Feb 2015
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